J + G; marble mountain wedding.

not that we’re advocates for pulling fire alarms, but when it means your reception has to be evacuated, and there’s suddenly time for epic-sunset photos… well, you send a mental thank you note to the three year old who meant well, and you take off and shoot that sunset! thanks again to Jess & Grant for having Dru & I along for the ride!

odessa + scott: newfoundland charm.

we often hear from brides and grooms who live away that come back here for their wedding say how much they miss newfoundland. these guys were no different – but went the extra step to ask us, could we treat this beautiful province like it was another member of our bridal party? yes, yes we could. we hope we did newfoundland justice for you guys! thanks so much for putting the trust in us to do so – we seriously loved your day.

a breath of fresh air.

we had a full weekend off recently and it was such a breath of fresh air. it was spent with great company, and we were also absolutely spoiled with a load of amazing food. and I’m talking real food too. steaks, potatoes, corn, asparagus, eggs, cheese, toutons, french press coffee, and wine. (obviously not all for the one meal. we just take food seriously. that, and our friend is a professional chef/wonderful human being who cooked all of this for us.) I also have to add… this was in the middle of november, it was 10 degrees, it was cell-service free, and it was…